FAQ's about Corporate Wellness


How are you different than a wellness program offered by our insurance carrier?

Our approach is very personalized and our signature programs can be customized to best fit the needs of your company and culture.  The diversity of your employees also brings a diversity in their health struggles and goals!

In addition, we deliver programs and engage employees while showing them how to steer clear of "diet mentality" and feelings of deprivation or failure.  No matter a person's health goal, we teach them the building blocks to reach these goals in a physically and mentally healthy (and fun!) way. 


Why is behavior change, not weight loss, the focus of your program?

Many programs can help you to lose weight.  Health is so much bigger than a number on the scale! 

We are focused on long-term habits, not just a short-term dip in the scale.


We help you make better daily choices within the specific challenges in your life, so that those new positive habits can be sustained over the long haul.

To help reinforce the behavior change model, we can offer your employees 1:1 support with our registered dietitians after the initial programming has finished.  


How do I choose the best program for my company?

Great question!  The best way to determine this is to jump on a call with us.  We'll learn about your company size, employee needs, and your overall culture.  Then, we can walk you thru the signature programs and discuss a tailored program unique to your company.